Creating and Editing a ChemPath

Submitted by jwmoore on Mon, 12/13/2010 - 05:34

Creating an Online Learning Experience is an Adventure!

ChemPaths allows you to take existing digitized content (such as a textbook), change the order, and add your own pages with your own content. It is very powerful, but there is a slight learning curve.

A ChemPath is referred to as a "book" in the Drupal system within which ChemPaths has been built. Each ChemPath (book) consists of pages in a particular order and hierarchy. A page can have several sub-pages grouped under it. Click on the Table of Contents at the left of the screen and you will see that this ChemPath has four pages: Before You Begin; Tools for Editing and Organizing; Initiating a ChemPath; and Adding to a ChemPath. Adding to a ChemPath has three sub-pages within it. When you initiate and build a ChemPath, you will need to consider how long to make each page and where each page fits within this kind of  order and hierarchy.

There are two types of pages available to ChemPaths authors: Book pages and ChemPRIME pages.

A Book page is a simple HTML page in which you can build your own content; you will have to specify and format all content in a Book page.

A ChemPRIME page involves content already created in the ChemPRIME (Chemical PRinciples through Integrated Multiple Exemplars) wiki, which is maintained by ChemEd DL. In a ChemPRIME page, editing has to have been done in the wiki before the page is added to a ChemPath.

Brief directions for adding pages are embedded in the editing pages that come up when you use the editing tools. The instructions here provide somewhat more information.

The next few pages indicate how to plan a ChemPath, how to use editing tools, how to initiate a ChemPath, and how to add to and edit a ChemPath.