Copying an Entire ChemPath

Submitted by jwmoore on Tue, 01/14/2014 - 15:11

To copy an entire ChemPath, follow these directions:

The "Book Copy" options are at the bottom of this page, next to "Printer Friendly Version" and "PDF version". The link you want to use is: "Derive a Copy" This will take a long, long time, but will copy the entire book to a new book. This new book will have the exact same name as the original one, but a new "edited" date. To keep things straight, you should: 1) Ignore the error message, and don't copy it again, even if it asks "are you sure?!" again... this is just a bug in the copy system. (There is an update that I'm sure fixes this, but I don't have the ability to update modules on the new system). 2) Open both copies of the book you just copied (there should be one that has a date of the original version, and one with today's date). 3) Click on the "Edit" button to change the title of the newer book. 4) One thing I've noticed in trying this: it doesn't seem that the newly copied book shows the whole new table of contents - in fact, in my case it showed NO OTHER PAGES. However, if you go up to the top and click "Organize" the whole book is copied and it is there. The navigation is just not there. This appears to be a caching issue and I suppose it should resolve itself in 24 hours. I forced the caches to reset after I copied your book from last year and all of the menus and navigation were there and it looked perfect.