Chemistry 104, Lecture 3, Spring 2013

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Welcome to the online textbook for Chem 104, Lecture 3, Spring 2013.


This textbook is organized so that the material you need to read and study is correlated with each lecture. That is, what you need to study for the first lecture on Wednesday, January 23, is listed in this textbook under the heading W Jan. 23. You will find the textbook table of contents on the left side of the screen (it pulls out when you click the mouse on it). You can use the table of contents to go directly to the reading for a particular lecture or to find a section to re-read for further study.


Useful Links

  1. This page requires no login.
  2. Chem 104 Moodle Course Management System: UW NetID login)
  3. Netorials Interactive Chemistry Tutorials (Biomolecules and others)
  4. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics constants
  5. ChemPages Prelab Modules (these are needed to learn lab techniques and pass pre-lab quizzes) 


Before using the online textbook...

 Be sure to walk through the tutorial How to Use This Site (you can also access it from the ChemPaths homepage). There are a few questions on your practice quiz to verify that you are familiar with portions of this site.