Comparison: Online Textbook vs. Printed Textbook

Submitted by jwmoore on Wed, 01/05/2011 - 23:40

Cover of Chemistry by Moore, Davies, Collins

ChemPaths has been developed as a project of the ChemEd Digital Library to incorporate interactive learning materials that can only be integrated into an online textbook. It is based on the printed textbook Chemistry by John W. Moore, William G. Davies, and Ronald W. Collins. This is part of the introduction to the Chem 104 Pathway through the online textbook.

  • ChemPaths incorporates molecular structures that you can manipulate, videos, and animations directly in the text so you can view them as you read; the printed textbook requires that you view interactive content separately from the text.
  • ChemPaths provides a pathway that organizes chapters and sections into exactly the same order as the lectures; in a printed textbook you would have to jump around based on the sections listed as readings in the course schedule.
  • ChemPaths and the printed textbook both include all content required in Chemistry 104; however you may find that some explanations in one version seem superior to the other. For instance, the online textbook has videos and interactive rotatable molecules. These multimedia advantages are helpful in describing 3-D molecules and orbitals and for viewing chemical reactions.
  • ChemPaths and the printed textbook both have worked out examples.
  • ChemPaths and the printed textbook both have extra questions (the paper textbook has them at the end of the chapters, the online resources have additional questions available within the Moodle Course Management System as the ungraded course:Chemistry 104, Study  Questions).
  • ChemPaths and the printed textbook both have tables of useful values. The online tables were updated only a year ago and are known to be accurate, so you should use the online tables for all assig. There are links within your homework to the necessary online tables; these tables are also found by using the drop-down menu called "Quick Resources" on any page within ChemPaths.

If you find an area which seems to be unclear or in error on the online version - please use the forum in Moodle to report the issue and we'll have it resolved as soon as we can!