W Apr 27

Submitted by jwmoore on Sun, 04/03/2011 - 10:53

Today in Chem 104:Glassware B/W

  • Lecture: Electrochemistry; Redox; Electrochemical Cells
  • Reading:
    Kotz: Ch. 20, Sec. 3-4
    Moore: Ch. 19, Sec. 3-5
  • Homework #11 due by 11:55 PM F Apr 29
  • Quiz in second discussion section this week
  • Lab this week is #9, Copper Ammine Compounds

♦ Additional ungraded questions for this reading can be found in the ChemPaths: Extra Problems Reactions in Aqueous Solutions and Electrochemical Cells

Today's reading on ChemPaths contains the following sections: